Friday Favorites

This week seemed to fly by for me (although there was a moment where I thought it was Friday on Thursday, so…). I have lots of different projects that I’m trying to balance right now, and then trying to balance those with my personal life… the free time just seemed to go away very quickly!

This weekend starts Pittsburgh’s Arts Festival, and my amazingly talented friend Katie has a booth there – I’m really looking forward to seeing it! You should definitely check out her art even if you’re not in Pittsburgh – her website is here.

I’m really excited about this week’s favorites – I feel like I came across some really cool things this week.

ONE – IKEA Recreates Rooms from TV
How fun is this?! IKEA took rooms from some famous TV shows – Friends, Strangler Things – and recreated them with their furniture. I’m so impressed by both the execution, and the thought behind it too!

 TWO – Apple’s Voice Control
One of the things that Apple announced earlier this week was the ability to use voice control to use your phone, computer, or iPad. This is different than just Siri – you can actually direct your computer to open a file, you can type, and even direct it to save the file all without ever having to touch the mousepad. This is huge for people with mobility impairments – so cool! Watch the video for yourself to see it in action.

THREE – When They See Us
If you watch one thing this week, you should make it When They See Us on Netflix. It’s about the Central Park jogger/Central Park Five case, and while I knew some of the basics, I definitely did not know all of the horrible details. It’s definitely not the easiest thing to watch, but its really important.

FOUR – Musical Mash-Up
On a lighter note – the Hamilton YouTube channel is creating musical mash-ups to celebrate the Tony Awards this coming weekend. I had just started listening to the songs from Hadestown this week, so the timing of this was perfect!

FIVE – The Comfiest Flats Ever
These flats are the most comfortable that I’ve ever worn – I may have to buy them in every color possible. One of my friends at work was actually wearing them on the same day that I was, and we both said they were our favorite flats! The sole of the shoe is so cushioned – I call them my “cloud shoes. Worth every penny!

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