Dressing for the Weather

As much as I am personally sad to admit, the hot and sticky days of summer are coming to an end. It’s already starting to cool down here in the early mornings and late evenings – you can tell that the hot hot heat of summer is going away. My birthday is coming up, so I definitely don’t hate fall… I just hate that it means winter follows!

But I do know that there’s something almost magical about those first few crisp fall breezes. They remind me going back to school as a kid – all the nerves, but also the excitement and hopefulness – of starting a new school year. And even though I’m a very different kind of student now, and I never really “leave” school so there’s no going “back” to it, I still get that same feeling in early September.

I also get the itch to do some shopping. The sundresses that I lived in during the summer don’t exactly cut it anymore. But I want things that still don’t feel too heavy and cozy yet – something that will still remind me of the warm summer days but keep me a little warmer than a tank top.

I found this yellow midi dress (well, maxi dress if you’re as short as I am) at Nordstrom Rack, and I think it fits the bill perfectly. It’s still easy and flowy, but the sleeves and length are enough to add some coverage for fall. The mustardy yellow color, which I love, is also perfect for the changing seasons. And it’s hard to tell, but there’s little polka dots all over it, which is so cute. I can tell I’ll be reaching for this a lot in the next month or two!

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