Recent Amazon Buys

I still, sometimes, cannot get over how quickly Amazon delivers things – I once placed an order at 12:30 AM and the package was delivered by 9 PM later that same day! I’m sure that speed influences me to buy more things that I don’t necessarily need… but I buy them nonetheless. Here’s what I’ve bought recently from Amazon.

Airpods Case
When I bought the wireless charging Airpods earlier, I didn’t realize that they changed the case design a tiny bit, so that the light that shows if the case is charging moved to the front. My old case covered up that light, this case lets it shine through.

Echo Show
I loved my Echo Spot, but because of the number of microphones and where they were, it couldn’t always hear me. This one has so many more microphones, it’s so much smoother now. I also love pairing it with my phone and using it to listen to music – the speakers are pretty good!

Amazon Basics Sheet Set
I’ve tried sheets of all prices (even the pricey Brooklinen ones!) and honestly, I think that these are just as comfortable. I can’t resist a cheetah print, and the grey goes perfectly with the decor in my bedroom.

T-Shirt Dress
I now own this dress in too many colors to mention. It’s just the perfect comfortable summer dress – so light and swingy. I’m sure that it won’t last very many seasons, but it’s so comfy that I’m okay with that.

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