Friday Favorites

September seems to be flying by – I think mostly because I’ve been keeping myself so busy! I have fun plans tonight, but the rest of my weekend is looking pretty low-key. My fingers are crossed that it stays that way!

This week’s favorites –

ONE – A Little Late with Lilly Singh
I’ve loved watching Lilly Singh’s YouTube channel, and I think it’s amazing she has her own late night show. She adds so much diversity to the late night scene, and representation is so so important! Her show is on WELL after my bedtime, so I’m still watching her on YouTube, but it’s still a big step!

TWO – Disability on TV
Just like Lilly Singh’s new show is doing a lot for representation, people want to see disability representation on the screen, too! As this article says, “Authenticity is the new frontier.”

THREE – Silk Scrunchies
Whenever I get a blowout, I like to pull my hair back at night when I sleep to make it last a few days. But I hate getting that ponytail crease that comes from using a ponytail holder all night. I’ve been trying out these silk scrunchies, and I’m a fan. They’re also supposed to help with frizz and hair damage, too.

FOUR – Best Movies on Netflix
Looking for something to watch this weekend? The New York Times listed what they think are the 50 best movies on Netflix. I’m currently deep in a re-watch of the original Beverly Hills, 90210, but once I’m finished with that I’ll be checking out this list.

FIVE – Taylor Swift in Rolling Stone
Taylor Swift recently gave an interview to Rolling Stone. It’s a great read because she’s a lot more honest and blunt than she’s been in the past – it’s a little glimpse into her life, and the new album (which I’m obsessed with).

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