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August has FLOWN. I seriously feel like I blinked and missed it – I can’t believe that it’s already September… and almost my birthday! Because I traveled so much this summer (relatively “so much,” for me) it almost feels like I didn’t actually get a break. So much of my time was spent packing or unpacking, gearing up for one trip or winding down from the next. Hopefully, September ushers in a little more down time for me – my fingers are crossed.

It’s kind of weird, because as much as I feel like I’ve had SO MUCH going on, when I sat down to write this, I felt like I had to wrack my brains to figure out what exactly it is that I’ve been up to. I did have one unexpected ER visit (don’t worry, all is well now!)… but I’m not dwelling on that.

Over Labor Day, I went to Easton to celebrate a friend’s wedding. We stayed at an INCREDIBLE hotel, the Grand Eastonian – it was so amazingly spacious and open!  I will say – we did get a room with a roll in shower (a single room, and the only room in the whole hotel with a roll in shower), but we also got the adjoining two bedroom suite, because it would have been impossible for the four of us to fit in a single room. The upside of that, clearly, is the space that we had – traveling with two people who use wheelchairs can make it a bit difficult to navigate tight spaces, and we had absolutely no issues here. The pictures really don’t do it justice!

Lily has come with us on almost every trip we’ve taken this summer. It’s been a definite process, because she doesn’t love the car and can get a little anxious the first few hours (or sometimes, day or so) after we arrive and she does NOT want to be left alone. She’s gotten so much better, though, and in each hotel she finds a “spot” – this time it was on a pillow we had put on the floor for her to use as a step onto the couch!

The wedding itself was so beautiful, and I was so happy to be able to be there to celebrate them. It was at a winery that used to be a silk mill, and the venue was so unique and fun – I want to go back to see what it’s like when it’s not an event space! The whole town, really, was fun to explore – lots of little restaurants and cafes popping up. It’s also just across the river from New Jersey (literally… I made us walk across the bridge just so that we could say we left the state)!

I also started classes again, hopefully for the final time in my graduate career! I’ll still have to do my essay before I officially graduate, but this should be the last of my classes. It has been SUCH a long journey getting to this point, and I’m so happy to have made it this far and to be this close. Here’s to hoping that this final semester of classes goes smoothly!

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