Favorites for Fall

I try to spend a lot of time outside when it’s warm out. As the temperature drops, though, I shift to a lot more indoor activities. I have really bad circulation and get cold SO easily, so my favorite things to do during the fall and beyond are things that I can do while I’m still warm and cozy.

This post is also a reminder to me that I will survive the colder months, and I won’t be miserable the whole time, either. In writing this, I realized that a lot of my favorite things to do are totally fall friendly. And I’m not even including Netflix binge-watching on my list… mostly because I do that year-round, anyway.

Cozying up at a coffeeshop
In the summer, I’m all about getting my drink to-go and finding an outdoor spot to enjoy it. But when it’s chillier, I love meeting a friend and grabbing a table at the coffeeshop. It’s the best way to catch up and relax – especially if there’s a fireplace in the shop, which is my personal favorite.

Having a movie night
Either a movie night at home or out at a movie theater works! Movies are my ultimate weekend activity when its cold – I equally enjoy snuggling up with a blanket and my dog at home, or going out to the theater and buying delicious buttery popcorn and watching something new.

Visiting a museum
Pittsburgh has so many amazing museums, and sometimes I think that I take them a bit for granted. Obviously I’m a fan of The Warhol, but the art/natural history museums are also excellent, and I consider the Frick mansion a museum of sorts, too. Visiting any of those is the perfect indoor fall activity.

Getting lost in a book
This is my ideal activity for almost any time of the year, but there’s something extra lovely about doing it under a fuzzy blanket when there’s a chill in the air (or, in my case, a fuzzy blanket AND a space heater). It’s so peaceful!

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