Getting Organized: Shoe Storage

I don’t have a ton of storage space in my bedroom – my closet is generally packed full, as is my dresser. There’s just not a lot of places to put things. I always struggled the most with shoe storage – I had a shoe rack that lived under my desk, and while it fit nicely, it collected a LOT of cat hair because it was so open and near the floor.

When I was browsing The Container Store’s website the other day (is that not how most people spend their free time?), I came upon these shoe boxes. I bought the small size, but they have a larger size as well. I loved that they were closed (no more cat hair), clear so that you can see what’s inside them, and they have a door that swings down! I decided to order 12 (2 cases of 6) of them to start, and then see if I wanted to add more.

I put them together this weekend. I went through all of my shoes – and got rid of a ton that I haven’t worn in years – and then replaced the old storage with the new. It looks so much nicer and cleaner! The new boxes definitely take up more space than the old rack, so I cant fit quite as many shoes under my desk as I used to. (You can see a picture of what it used to look like below!) I also need to buy a few more boxes now – I didn’t want to overbuy before I knew that I liked them.

To deal with the issue of less space, I decided to keep my most worn shoes out here under my desk, and then put the rest in my closet for now. I’ll switch some of them out with the seasons, but most of these I actually wear year-round. And because I got rid of lots of boots and shoes that I haven’t worn in years, I have more room in my closet for the shoes I don’t wear as frequently.

I’ve been trying to tackle things one by one in my room to get it back into order. Last week was some of my closet, this time it was my shoes. My desk needs to be one of the next things – it’s really gotten out of control – but it’s so overwhelming that I keep putting it off! So little by little, I’m getting things back under control.

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