Scarves for Fall

“Scarves for fall… how groundbreaking.” Okay, so I took a little bit of liberty with that quote (from one of my favorite movies!), but I think the general sentiment is the same. Except, for me, it’s not – I never thought that I was a “scarf person.” Maybe you don’t have this issue, but I just never felt like I could pull off a scarf. Obviously, I’ve worn scarves to keep warm in the winter, but it’s different than wearing one as part of an outfit. That’s what I never felt sure about – kind of like I was playing dress up whenever I tried one out.

I think, though, that I’m officially a convert. I actually texted my friend earlier this week “I think I’m a scarf person now.” I’ve worn a scarf with my outfit twice in the past week! When you add that to the leopard cape (that I showed in this post), I think that’s enough to make it official. This is the new me, I guess, and I’m not upset about it.

It definitely doesn’t add warmth in the same way that a cape does, but it does add another layer of dressiness and style to an outfit. I think it makes it so much more of a complete look – especially when all I’m wearing otherwise is a simple t-shirt dress. The leopard scarf I’m wearing here is super old (and actually borrowed from my sister…) but this one is really similar. It totally makes the outfit, in my opinion!

If you want to be a scarf person – or you already are one! – I’ve picked out some new favorites below. Now I just have to keep myself from buying them all…

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