What I’ve Been Reading

Now that I’m back to taking classes, my time to read is definitely cut down. I have been trying to find time where I can, though. I really LOVE to read, but sometimes turning on the TV just seems easier, even if I don’t enjoy mindlessly watching something as much as I enjoy getting lost in a book. I have finished a few books since my last post, so I wanted to share.

What the Eyes Don’t See
I actually had to read this for my class this semester, and I’m so glad it was assigned. I got so invested that I started and finished it the same day! It’s about the Flint, Michigan water crisis (lead in the water), but it’s written in a really person, approachable way. I highly recommend this, even if you know nothing about public health.

Fleishman is in Trouble
This book came to me via a Twitter recommendation – someone I follow said that when she finished it, she threw it across the room because it was that good. I totally get the reaction! It really is SO good. Without spoiling anything, I’ll just say it’s about a troubled marriage, but it’s not what you think. It’s not exactly a light read, but it’s incredibly good.

American Royals
Now, this one is a lighter read, but that doesn’t mean that I enjoyed it any less. It imagines what America would be like if we were a monarchy rather than a democracy, and follows the lives of the current royals. It’s really fun and cute and I can’t wait to read the sequel.

Tell Me Everything
I loved the twisty turns this book took that I never, ever saw coming. It’s been compared to A Secret History by Donna Tartt, which I also loved, and I agree with the comparison. It follows a group of friends in college, but this isn’t a fluffy, rom-com of the book – it’s more psychological, and I love books like that.

The Ensemble
I never realized how much I enjoy books that are more character-driven until I started writing these posts! This one follows different members of an orchestra ensemble, but focuses on the characters and their lives and the decisions that they make. It really drew me in to the characters lives, which is always the sign of a good book for me.

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