Advent Calendars

Growing up, my sister and I had a different Advent calendar every year. We loved opening up the little squares every day in December – I think that some of them had small treats in them, but often they were just a quote or a picture. But we always looked forward to getting to open it each day and see what the little square held – and see how much closer to Christmas we were getting!

I haven’t had an Advent calendar in years, but I came upon this one from Anthropologie and couldn’t resist. I thought it was the perfect mix of grown-up Advent calendar and nostalgia for me and my sister. It’ll be something fun to do in the days leading up to Christmas – who doesn’t love getting little mini presents each day? I’m really excited to bring the tradition back in grown-up form.

I realize that you might not all want a beauty-focused Advent calendar, so I pulled together some other options below. I think I might buy this tree one too – it seems like such a great little decoration for an entry table! And of course, chocolate is always a good option for getting into the holiday spirit! There’s even a DIY version, where you decide what treats go in each pocket for each day.

Did you have an Advent calendar as a kid (or as an adult)? Let me know which one is your favorite!

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