Christmas Wish List

In getting in the holiday spirit, I thought that I’d share my Christmas wish list. Now, to be clear – I don’t actually expect to get any of these things! But it’s still fun to pull together a wish list, and maybe it can serve as a little inspiration when you’re looking to buy gifts for your friends and family.

AirPods Pro
I am obsessed with my AirPods, so of course I want the new Pro ones, too. I love that they finally have the silicone tips, and they’re noise cancelling, too. I don’t necessarily NEED to replace my current AirPods, but I want to!

Everlane Scarf
This scarf is a mix of wool and cashmere, and it looks so soft and cozy – as you know, that’s my absolutely favorite combination. I love that it’s oversized, too, so I could wear it as a wrap. And I love to support Everlane’s sustainability and transparency when I can.

Tech Pouch
I love little packing pouches. Anything that can help me be more organized when I pack, I’m into. This pouch looks perfect for keeping all my cords and other tech things together.

Clear Crossbody
So many concert venues now have rules in place about the kind of bags you can bring in with you. It’s either a clear bag, or a little clutch that is too small to even fit my phone! This is a cute version of a clear bag that’s the right size to bring in.

Cashmere Cardigan
I actually have this in black, but I want to add another color to my collection! This is perfect for throwing on in the winter to add another layer and stay warm. Because it’s cashmere, it’s also thin, so it doesn’t add too much bulk.

Neon Coffee Sign
This is so cute! It’s the perfect little desk decoration and homage to my complete caffeine addiction.

Gray Apple Watch Band
I have this watch band in black, and have been wearing it every single day. It has held up incredibly well! It’s not that I want to get rid of it, but this gray version would give me another option for days when I want something other thank black.

Mackage Satchel
This is definitely the “in my dreams” addition to the list. I have wanted this bag for years – I love the size and the arrow clasp in the front. It’s a bit out of my price range, though, and the price ranges of anyone shopping for me. But a girl can dream!

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