Striped Sweater Dress

When the temperature starts to drop, sweater dresses become my go-to when I want to be cozy and still look put together. The best part of dresses, in general, is that they take very little effort to form an outfit, and yet it still looks cute and polished.

Sweater dresses are the ideal version of this for winter – they’re cute, but they keep you warm and comfy when it’s cold out. And this striped one from eShakti is my current favorite.

I love the different colors – totally not my thing, normally, but I just think it works perfectly! The pleats give it a little something extra, and it’s SO soft. Just so soft and comfortable! Plus, since it’s from eShakti, it was super customizable – I changed the neckline and the sleeves to make it more “me.” I get so many compliments every time I’m wearing it.

If you’re looking for a last-minute outfit for Thanksgiving, I think that a sweater dress is the perfect way to go. No matter how dressy or laid back your meal is, there’s a sweater dress for the occasion, and you can fill yourself with turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing without having to worry about unbuttoning your jeans.

If you want to try eShakti, don’t forget to enter the code HEATHERTOMKO in the “Gift Coupon Box” at checkout to get 33% off plus free customizations on your first order. If you’re looking for something a little different, I picked out some other cute sweater dresses below!

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