Chic in Black and White

Theoretically, I love a simple black-and-white outfit. Sometimes in practice, though, I worry that it looks a little more middle school choir concert than it does Breakfast at Tiffanys-esque! But when it works, it works – it looks so sleek and chic and effortlessly pulled together.

Hopefully, this is one of those black-and-white outfits that works! I wanted something that was simple and easy to throw together, but didn’t look like I hadn’t put any effort in! I have been wearing (and mentioning) this dress from Amazon (find it here) so much this year. It’s the perfect base for any outfit to build off of!

The other real reason for this outfit was that I wanted to wear these new shoes! I loved the pointy toe and the little bow in the front – it gave them a little extra detail without making them look too young. Sadly, the shoes are now sold out, but these shoes here would also be the perfect addition to any black-and-white outfit.

And finally, the scarf was something that I picked up at a Holiday Market outside the National Portrait Gallery in DC! I loved the subtle pattern, and how comfy it is. Obviously, you can’t get this scarf online, but this scarf here or this one here are really similar, and don’t spoil the simplicity of the look.

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