Wheelchair Life Hacks

I posted a picture on Instagram last week, and someone commented asking me where I got my cupholder… which is actually a stroller cupholder that I’ve repurposed for my chair. So many of the things that I use daily are things like this… things that are repurposed from their actual intended use, or things that I buy specifically to make my life easier.

Since at least one person was curious about my cupholder, I thought that a few more of you might be interested! Even if you’re not in the market for wheelchair products, I think it’ll still be interesting to learn a little more about the wheelchair life hacks that I’ve developed over the years.

My Cupholder
Starting with the most obvious, the cupholder. They actually do make wheelchair-specific ones, but I’ve never liked them – they’re plastic, and bulky, and tend to get in the way or everything. This stroller one is perfect. I can slip it right under my seat cushion, and the velcro keeps it in place. Because it’s soft-sided, it doesn’t get in the way, and it’s easy for me to reach my drinks from where I put it on my chair.

USB Heated Wrap
A non-wheelchair using friend suggested that I try this out, so this is a universal suggestion. This wrap is powered by USB and has a heating element inside of it that warms up when turned on – but it’s still nice and thin, so I don’t feel weighed down by it. The bonus is that my wheelchair has a USB port, so I can take this wrap with me wherever I want!

I actually saw this a while ago on one of GMA’s “Deals and Steals” segments and knew it would be perfect. I can’t use an umbrella while I’m also driving my wheelchair, so rain is not fun for me. This is the perfect solution – it’s nicer than a poncho, but keeps me dry. Until someone invents an umbrella that is operable from my chair, this is what I’ll be using.

Heated Neck Warmer
This one might not seem like a wheelchair hack… until I tell you that I use this heated warmer on my feet, rather than my neck. I am always cold, and my feet are the coldest of all. I have really bad circulation, so it takes forever for my feet to warm up. I was using this heated neck warmer on my back a few weeks ago, and realized that it would also work really well to keep my feet nice and toasty. And it does!

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