Friday Favorites

This week was fairly normal… nothing too exciting going on, really! I was reminded, though (by Facebook, of course!), that this week was the 10 year anniversary of Snowmaggedon here in Pittsburgh. There was SO MUCH snow, it was crazy –  I was at CMU at the time, but my mom took this picture of the snow outside our house the next morning. Isn’t it wild?! My fingers are majorly crossed that we don’t have a repeat of that ANYTIME soon.

This week’s favorites coming up!

ONE – Jessica Simpson’s Book Excerpt
I didn’t really watch Jessica Simpson when she was on Newlyweds with Nick Lachey, but of course I heard about the infamous “is tuna chicken or fish” quote from her show like the rest of the world.  I haven’t really been following her life, but the book that she’s releasing really looks like a true “open book” look into her life. This excerpt has me wanting to read more!

TWO – Uniqlo On Sale
I think Uniqlo makes the best warm but lightweight winter weather gear. One of their down, ultra-lightweight parkas is $10 off, and it’s a great deal while it’s still cold out! My mom, my sister, and I all have a coat from Uniqlo.

THREE – Authentic SMA Casting
This video makes me SO HAPPY. I’ve shared some of Shane’s videos before – in this one, he’s sharing a casting opportunity for kids with SMA for a pilot being filmed in Chicago. I love hearing about authentic casting – not only does it give an actor with a disability the chance to work, but that authenticity and representation adds such a necessary layer to the performance, too.

FOUR – Dunkaroos Are Back
I know that this article asks why now, but honestly, I don’t care! I loved Dunkaroos as a kid – mostly, I loved the icing that you dipped the crackers in, and may have just eaten it with my fingers once or twice. Now that I’m “grown up,” I’ll do my best to avoid the finger dipping, but I’ll definitely still be snacking on these!

FIVE – Adaptive At Aerie
Aerie is now selling a few different types of adaptive clothing! This is incredibly exciting – it’s such a move for “normalizing” needing different things like these – especially things like ostomy bags, which are usually hidden. It’s also just so much more convenient for people who want to buy adaptive things – we don’t need to search through pages of Google results. This makes me feel really proud that American Eagle’s headquarters are here in Pittsburgh!

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