Friday Favorites

This was a fairly routine week for me… nothing too exciting to report! I’m speaking on a panel at a local university tomorrow, which should be fun, and then I have a low-key weekend planned for the rest of the time.

I’m sharing another picture from the museum in this post, because all of the rest of the recent pictures on my camera roll are progress pictures of the issues that I’m having with my feeding tube. Definitely not something that you want to see!

Now, this week’s favorites.

ONE – Seth Meyers and the Steelers
This is absolutely not a recent video, but I happened across it on YouTube and knew that I had to share. I am a “bad” Pittsburgher in that I don’t particularly care about watching Steelers games, but growing up, the whole family watched every week! The way Seth’s dad describes it is so accurate.

TWO – Benefits of Coffee
I am all for any article I find that tells me that my caffeine consumption is good for me! This was a deep dive on the pros and cons of drinking coffee, and it was both fun to read and made me feel like I learned something.

THREE – The Man Live in Paris
Is it even a Friday Favorites post if I don’t share new Taylor Swift songs/videos?! I swear I do have interests outside of Taylor Swift and Hamilton, I promise. But the live version of the song really is amazing, and it’s such an empowering song.

FOUR – Emily Blunt Interview
Emily Blunt was interviewed in Marie Claire by a kid who is a fellow stutterer, and the article that results is really worth a read. She gives really thoughtful answers, and treats him like an equal, not a child. (Thanks to The Fug Girls for sharing this first!)

FIVE – Behind a Viral Tweet
Having a tweet/blog post/Instagram picture go viral sounds like it’s something that would be so cool. But I’ve never really thought about what happens in your life while it’s going viral. This is a first-hand account from someone who did go viral – definitely makes me think twice.

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