Friday Favorites

HOW is it the end of February?! Usually, even though this month has the shortest number of days, it seems to drag – but this time, I feel like it flew. I kept pretty busy, so maybe that’s why it feels like it went faster than usual for me. I’m crossing my fingers that March means that spring weather is on its way, which I’m really ready for.

Lily got a haircut this week – doesn’t she look so cute and tiny?! I swear, it always looks like she’s lost weight after a haircut because of how much bigger her fur makes her look! Her hair was starting to fall in her eyes, so I’m glad she can see again, even though I’m sure she misses the extra warmth in this cold!

Exciting news – today is the last day of my job! I’m starting a new position at Pitt on Monday, which I’m really looking forward to. I have been in my current job since graduating undergrad, almost ten years ago! So this is really exciting… and a little bit terrifying, too! More to come as I settle in to the new job.

On to the favorites!

ONE – Serena Williams and Fashion Week
I think that Serena Williams is amazing – she is so dedicated and clearly puts her all into everything that she does. I’m just so impressed by her!

TWO – The Man Music Video
I mean… of course I’m including another Taylor Swift link. Her music video for The Man is so good! There are just so many allusions and hints and Easter eggs… and that twist at the end?!

THREE – Adaptive Fashion on Project Runway
I’ve recently become obsessed with Project Runway – I’m watching the current season, and I’ve also been binging previous seasons at an alarming rate. In the current season, they just did an episode on adaptive fashion (for Paralympians!), and one of the designers, Nancy, designed an INCREDIBLE dress for a woman in a wheelchair. Obviously, I’m now fully #TeamNancy – she really highlighted and worked with the wheelchair, rather than trying to camouflage it. Seriously, so cool.

FOUR – Gourmet Makes Combos
I’m still watching all of Claire Saffitz’s Gourmet Makes series, and still love every single one. Combos were one of my favorite snacks growing up, so this one was especially fun for me. But really, I’m sharing this because of Claire’s offhand comment about just loving to be good at things, and I really, REALLY related.

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