My Current Wish List

Each year around this time, I get super bored with everything in my closet. I feel like I’ve been wearing the same things all winter long, and that there’s nothing new and exciting in my closet. Basically, I want to buy an entirely new wardrobe.

However, I know that is a bad idea! So instead of buying too many things and spending too much money, I decided to share my current wish list here, first. Maybe this will help me pick just one or two new things to buy, instead of too many new things.

Olive Blazer
I don’t have many things this color, but I like how it’s neutral but not black/white/brown. I don’t wear blazers often because they don’t tend to look right on me since I’m always seated, but this one is a cross between a sweater and a blazer, and it seems like it could work.

Colorblocked Bag
If there’s something that I definitely do not need, it’s another bag. But I just think this one is so cute! I love the mix of colors – it would really go with almost any outfit, but it’s still sleek and sophisticated.

Wine Faux Leather Skirt
I actually have this skirt in black, and I’m itching to add it in this gorgeous color, too. Sometimes faux leather can look plastic-y, but this one definitely doesn’t. I probably don’t need it… but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want it.

Black and Cream Sweater Skirt
This is probably the item that I want the most from my wish list. I love how comfy sweater skirts are, but it still looks so polished. I just love it!

Red Sweater Dress
I feel like I can never have too many sweater dresses – they’re just the perfect winter go-to. I don’t have much red at all, so this would be the perfect way to add a little color and spice up my winter wardrobe a bit.

Grey Suede Heels
So I know that for post people, these wouldn’t really be “heels,” but I can’t really wear real high heels, so these seem like they’d work well for me! It’s just the right amount of heel, and I love the suede detail.

Black Croc Jacket
Starting and ending my list with a jacket, because I think they’re the perfect winter addition to any wardrobe! I think that the croc pattern gives it a little something extra, but it’s subtle enough that it would go with so many outfits.

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