Friday Favorites

I’m trying to figure out the best kinds of things to share on Fridays right now. The public health professional part of me wants to share resources about COVID-19… but I also know that I JUST talked about limiting your viewing of the news to help manage stress and anxiety. So I think, for now, I’m not going to share the “hard news” about coronavirus… no hard statistics or articles that spell out the scale of this. But maybe I’ll change my mind in a week or two – I’m taking all of this one step at a time. Also – get ready for lots of pictures of my dog and cats and scenery, because I haven’t looked camera ready in quite a while.

I will say, though, in general – if you can, please just stay home. Even if you don’t think that it’s a big deal – just do it.

Okay, on to the favorites.

ONE – Oh, Hello: The P’dcast
My love of Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, and their show Oh, Hello is well-documented now. Their show on Broadway was truly hilarious, and I can’t believe that I got to see it. If you’re also a fan – or if you’re just looking for something to lighten up your days a bit – listen to their new podcast (or “p’dcast,” as they would say). I can’t wait for the first episode!

TWO – Types of Zoomers
I have had more Zoom video chats – for work and with friends – in the last few weeks than I have basically ever. This is a fun look at what type of Zoom user you are – my current Zoom background is the Hamilton stage, and I haven’t worn makeup once, so I think that answers that question for me.

THREE – Ben Platt
Ben Platt and the cast of Dear Even Hansen sang one of the show’s well-known songs at the end of one of James Corden’s shows, and it’s just perfect. It’s so fitting right now, and just so beautiful.

FOUR – Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library
Each night, Dolly Parton is reading one of the books from her Imagination Library live, as a goodnight book for kids. I saw the tweet and then found out that kids who live here in the city of Pittsburgh who are up to 5 years old can get a free book mailed to them each month from Dolly’s Library! Such a great program.

FIVE – Harry Styles Tiny Desk concert
Harry Styles is such a great performer, and so charming, too. His Tiny Desk concert, unsurprisingly, is excellent, and is a great break from reality. Makes me hopeful that I’ll get to hear live music again sometime in the future.

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