Friday Favorites

Another week of self-quarantine in the books. It feels like I’m a little more settled into this new reality – I have my work-from-home routine down, I’m getting outside every day that the weather allows, and I’m just a bit calmer, overall. It still feels very surreal – Pennsylvania just formally announced that schools are closed for the rest of this school year, which is not unexpected at all but still just makes it a bit more real that this isn’t ending soon.

I will say, I think that Lily is very, very happy with this new situation where we’re at home all day. She’s getting more walks, more time out in the yard, and more attention (her favorite thing). And I have been loving the extra puppy snuggles at the end of the day, too.

Now, on to the favorites.

ONE – Schitt’s Creek Behind-the-Scenes
If you haven’t started watching Schitt’s Creek yet, now is the perfect time. It is such a feel-good, uplifting show, and I love that they decided to end the show on their terms and their time, even though I was sad to see it go. One of the actresses shared some behind-the-scenes tidbits about the finale and what it was like working on the show.

TWO – Wearing Masks
Now that it’s recommended that we all wear masks when out in public, I’ve seen lots of different guides for making your own fabric masks. Teen Vogue has a great compilation of different ways to make masks in their article here, if you’re talented enough at sewing and have fabric/elastic. If you’re not crafty (like me), you can buy one here and support a good company, too.

THREE – The Zoom Where it Happened
This is THE CUTEST. John Krasinski gathered together many of the original stars of Hamilton to sing the opening song of the show over Zoom for a girl who had to miss seeing the show because of the pandemic. It was so sweet, and such an incredible surprise.

FOUR – Grieving the Pandemic
I know there’s lots of talk/articles out there about how to be productive at home. And of course, I think it’s important to do work at home, for those of us who are able to. But I think it’s also important to be kind to ourselves, and understand that this is not a normal time. We shouldn’t expect to feel normal, and we should allow ourselves to feel however we feel. If it feels better to watch “mindless” TV rather than read, it’s fine – don’t force yourself.

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