Friday Favorites

Another week down! I feel like I’m pretty solidly into the self-quarantining groove, and I continue to feel incredibly grateful about the fact that I can work from home without any issues, and that I’m healthy. My anxiety has been much lower than it was at the beginning of the stay-at-home orders, and I’m grateful about that, too.

One of my Instagram SMA friends, Alyssa, made this incredible illustration of Lily for me. Isn’t it the cutest?! I highly recommend following here on Instagram (here), and also telling her that you think she should open an Etsy shop with her digital drawings!

Honestly, not much else to report! My week has been pretty low-key. I hope that you’re all staying safe and healthy too, and staying home if you can. Now, onto the favorites.

ONE – Zoom Revival
Before Zoom was what it is now, it was two things to me – 1, a key lyric in the chorus of Supernova Girl, from Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, and 2, a TV show staple of my childhood – and also a key lyric in the theme song of that show. It’s been off the air for quite a while, but they’re bringing it back, and of course, they’re doing it via Zoom! Can’t think of anything more fitting. I know that it’s a kids show, but I might tune in for a bit for nostalgia.

TWO – Laura Benanti Covers Sucker
Laura Benanti is one of my favorite Broadway singers/actresses – I’m pretty sure that I’ve shared a video or two of her before. Because her album release has been delayed, she’s sharing this video tribute, and the proceeds of all sales of the single itself will go towards Food Corps, which connects kids to healthy food. I think you should buy the single, too, but the video is definitely worth a watch.

THREE – Stirr Automatic Stirrer
I shared this on my Instagram stories earlier this week and everyone seemed to love it, so I thought that I’d share it here, too. It’s a super cool device that you can use when you’re cooking – it stirs things for you! I think it’s great as an adaptive device, but it’s not technically meant as one, and honestly I think that anyone would love it.

FOUR – Dealing with Coronavirus Disappointment
With so many things being cancelled or postponed while we’re under stay-at-home orders, it’s inevitable that there are things that each of us will be disappointed to miss – some larger than others. I know people who have had to cancel weddings, my MPH graduation will be a virtual affair, and a few of my friends (and my sister) will be celebrating their birthdays with much less pomp than usual. This article talks about accepting, and dealing with, the disappointment that we’re all facing.

FIVE – Phantom of the Opera on YouTube
Andrew Lloyd Webber’s next free YouTube offering is Phantom of the Opera (the stage show, not the movie) – it will open today at 2:00 PM! I’ve loved watching the shows he’s put up for free so far, and am excited to watch this one this weekend, too.

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