Sephora Sale: Skincare Edition

One of the upsides of this whole self-quarantine thing is that I have stopped bothering to wear makeup. I’m not usually a heavy makeup wearer, but I’m not a no-makeup person, either. And it’s not that it takes that long, but I definitely haven’t missed putting it on each morning and taking it off each night, knowing that I’m just going to be sitting in my house.

Which means that I’ve also been using this time to really focus on my skincare – I figure that if I’m not wearing makeup, I should try to take advantage of my skin being “free”! So I’ve been making sure to stick to my routine, and not get lazy about washing my face just because I’m not wearing makeup. My skincare routine also feels like something that I can control, when so much right now is so very uncontrollable.

Sephora’s semi-annual sale started at the end of last week for VIB Rouge members (the highest tier of their rewards program), and continues this week for VIB Insiders, followed by VIB members – you use the code SPRINGSAVE for either 20%, 15%, or 10% off, depending on your reward program tier. Since I’m not wearing makeup right now, I’m taking advantage of the sale to stock up on my favorite skincare products, which I’m sharing below. I should note – it’s a little heavy on Drunk Elephant products, but it’s because I think that they’re great products and I use them daily.

ONE – Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari Babyfacial
Before this face mask, I basically only used clay masks to help with oil control. But I got a free sample of this mask and tried it, and it really WORKS. It’s probably best for someone who has used chemical exfoliants before, because it’s not exactly gentle. But it really helps with skin texture, and isn’t overly harsh on my skin.

TWO – Acne Healing Dots
I love this little things for helping keep acne from getting too out of control. If anything, it keeps you from touching the spot, which is key! I know they say that you can wear them during the day, but I just wear them overnight to let it do its thing while I’m asleep.

THREE – Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Exfoliant
I use this every single day, and I think that it’s been really effective in helping to keep my skin clear. It’s a mix of different chemical exfoliants, which means that it helps with both the surface of the skin and underneath, in the pores. It’s just an all-around great product, and while it’s definitely pricey, it’s worth it to me. I’d much rather spend a little more on products that work than waste money on ones that don’t.

FOUR – LUNA Mini Facial Cleanser
I love this device for helping to really get my skin clean without being too rough on it or stripping it. It’s made of silicone, rather than typical brush bristles, so you don’t have to worry about it getting gross or needing to be replaced. It’s nice and gentle on my face, but really does get the oil off and make my face feel fully cleansed, with no layer of residue or anything left on it. I even travel with it!

FIVE – Drunk Elephant TLC Happi Scalp Scrub
So this is basically the scalp/body version of the exfoliant I mentioned above. It’s a new product, and I think it’s such a great idea. My hair gets oily quickly because my skin itself gets oily, and when I use dry shampoo it definitely leaves residue on my hair. So I’m excited that Drunk Elephant introduced a product to help with these issues, without being too stripping on the hair like some clarifying shampoos are.

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