Friday Favorites

Happy May! It’s weird to think that I spent the entire month of April without going further from my house than a short walk down the block and back. It’s surreal in that I can’t believe that there was an entire calendar month that I spent in my house (I know it’s been well over a month, time-wise, but the calendar month just seems different to me), and yet, this does feel like a “new normal” in a way that the thought of actually going somewhere also seems weird to think about. These are the times we’re living in, I guess!

But really, nothing too much went on this week. I’m hoping that April showers really do bring May flowers, and that we have some sunny days ahead of us this month. Obviously, I like to take advantage with time on the deck when I can!

On to this week’s favorites.

ONE – Quarantine Dreams
I actually haven’t been having the vivid quarantine dreams that everyone’s talking about – maybe it’s the Headspace that I’ve been doing right before bed? But I think it’s fascinating that so many people have been having extra-vivid dreams right now. Have you?

TWO – Return to Me Q&A
Return to Me was one of the movies that my friends and I watched on repeat at sleepovers in high school. We were actually JUST texting about it last week – it was clearly a formative movie for us – and then I found this Q&A with Minnie Driver about the movie yesterday and it felt like fate!

THREE – Ladies Who Lunch
Last weekend, I watched the tribute to Sondheim that a whole bunch of Broadway stars took part in on YouTube. There were so many great performances, but this trio was definitely a standout!

FOUR – COVID Vaccines
This is a really interesting look at all of the different types of coronavirus vaccines that different groups of researchers are working on. Isn’t science cool?!

FIVE – Comfort Books
Authors sharing their comfort books is one of the best things that I could have hoped for right now, and I know it’s going to be a great list when The Princess Bride is at the top of it! Definitely adding some of this to my list.

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