Friday Favorites

I actually have something very exciting going on this weekend – my (virtual) MPH graduation! It has been a very long time coming, and I can’t believe it will actually be over. I don’t really know what the virtual ceremony will end up like, but I’m excited for it nonetheless. I’m sure I’ll have more to share next week!

 I had to record something earlier this week, and it was the first time that I’ve done my hair and makeup since the stay-at-home orders began. It felt so weird to me, especially because the farthest that I had plans to go was outside in my hard. I had almost forgotten what I looked like with makeup on, ha!

Now this week’s favorites:

ONE –  Julie Andrews and her Daughter
I love Julie Andrews so much – she just seems like the best. She and her daughter were really cute when Kelly Clarkson interviewed them together in this clip.

TWO – Harry Potter Narrated
Different beloved Harry Potter actors are taking turns reading a chapter of the very first Harry Potter book! This is such a fun idea – the Harry Potter books were actually the first I ever listened to on audiobook, and the narrator, Jim Dale, was my absolute favorite. I just think there’s something really special about hearing Harry Potter read out loud.

THREE – Apple Watch Band
I normally have a leather band on my Apple watch, but it felt like “too much” for just wearing around the house. This nylon loop is the perfect, more casual alternative – and because it’s a loop, it really is completely adjustable, so it’s guaranteed to fit your wrist.

FOUR – Becoming on Netflix
A very welcome addition to my “Favorites to Stream” post from earlier this week (here). I loved Michelle Obama’s memoir, and I was so disappointed that her tour didn’t stop here in Pittsburgh. This documentary was a great way to get a glimpse of the tour and her life.

FIVE – Disney Channel Original Movies, Ranked
Growing up, my sister and I absolutely LOVED watching all of the Disney Channel Original Movies. I don’t completely agree with these rankings – I would put Zenon much higher! – but man, what a walk down memory lane!

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