Pandemic Purchases: Suetables Initial Necklace

I know that the concept of shopping (outside of groceries and necessities) during quarantine is a fraught one. Is it good to shop and support the economy and businesses who need an income to stay afloat? Or are you putting people’s lives and health at risk when they’re at work in the warehouses, packing and getting things ready to be shipped out.
I’ve tried to land somewhere in the middle. I’m not going crazy, but I’ve done some online shopping. And when possible, I’ve tried to support smaller businesses. So when the perfect initial necklace popped up as I was scrolling through Instagram, I knew I had to have it.
I’ve always had a thing for wearing my initial – not necessarily my whole monogram, but just an H. When I was in middle school/high school, there was a huge phase of wearing shirts with your initial on them, and I had SO many. I know that monogram necklaces were all over the place a few years ago (and really, are timeless), but now that it looks like initial necklaces are in, I’m so excited. I don’t tend to rely too much on trends – I tend to wear what I like, when I like – but I’m not opposed to being in style, either!
I’ve come across a lot of initial necklaces, but I really do think that this is my favorite. It’s so delicate, classic, and simple. I’m almost always a silver jewelry person, other than rare exceptions. If you’re more of a gold person, though, you can get the necklace in gold instead.
I love that you can wear it alone or layer it with other necklaces, and it would really go with any outfit. I also really love that you can pick a chain to go with it of whatever length you want! Normally, chains are 16 inches, but since my torso stopped growing after my spinal fusion in 6th grade to treat my scoliosis, 16 inches is actually pretty long on me. I got the 14 inch chain, and on me, it’s just slightly longer than a choker, which is exactly what I wanted.
Even though I’m mostly living in t-shirts these days, I’ve been putting on the necklace some days just to feel a little more polished and put together! Plus, whenever I remember that I’m wearing it, it just makes me happy.
And I want to especially call out the incredible customer service at Suetables. When I e-mailed with a shipping question, they got back to me the same day (in a pandemic!), and honored a shipping code that technically shouldn’t have applied to me. I was so appreciative!

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