Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Summer Dresses

For the first few weeks (okay… maybe months!) of staying at home, I basically lived in a t-shirt. I wanted to be comfortable, and it felt nice to get a break from having to be “dressed up” all the time. Plus, it was March, and it was cold! I was spending a lot of time indoors, with a few minutes here and there outside. Comfort was key. And while there are still days that I still reach for a t-shirt, I’ve started to embrace getting dressed again. It has been HOT, and I have been working outside on my deck whenever possible. Now, instead of going for a t-shirt most days, I’m putting on a sundress.
I’ve been going for dresses that are light, and flowy – I love how easy it feels to wear one, definitely not like I’m dressing up. I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing my comfort at all! When summer hits and it’s hot out, there’s nothing better to me than an easy sundress.
I picked up this one from Gap sometime last month during a sale – it’s mostly sold out now, but there a few sizes left, and there’s also a few more sizes left in the black version here. I love the little polka dots, and the twist in the back of the straps. It fits all my qualifications – the material is super comfortable and not stiff, it’s a good length, and felt great when I wore it all day.
You can scroll through my picks for other easy, breezy sundresses below!

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