Pandemic Purchases I’ve Loved

I think I’ve definitely shopped less than usual over the last few months – although there have also been times that I’ve done some “retail therapy” to make me feel better about being at home all the time. Maybe not the absolute healthiest, but I figure that there are worse things I could do. I’m sharing some of the things I’ve bought that I’ve loved.
I think this actually arrived before the AirPods themselves did – I ordered it as soon as I ordered the AirPods themselves. A case is a necessity – I definitely don’t want to break or lose these!
I’m obsessed with this! It’s an exfoliant for your scalp (you can actually use it on your body, too) that helps get rid of product build-up, dead skin, etc. It works SO well! I learned it works best if you really do leave it on for at least 10 minutes before you rinse it out – it helps the little granules dissolve better.
I bought these when I bought my initial necklace (from this post). They’re so elegant and simple, and they’re different from anything that I already had. Plus, they’re really affordable.
I have been wearing this every single day since it arrived! Since it’s a loop with velcro, it’s so much easier for me to put on myself with my limited dexterity, and it feels so comfortable on.
When I started working from home, I bought about 5-10 different t-shirts to figure out which was the most comfortable. This was, far and away, the winner. I picked up a discontinued color on sale, and keep checking back and hoping it goes on sale again so I can scoop up some more!
This body wash smells AMAZING, which is a real feat considering that there’s no added fragrance. It also leaves you skin feeling nice and moisturized.
I love the Velvet Noir mascara by Marc Jacobs so much that of course, I had to try the new one. It makes my lashes look so long, and it doesn’t rub off/smear when my skin gets oily.
I’m trying really hard to be careful about not getting burnt, and this is a great, easy way to make sure that my face keeps getting covered all day long. I can just put this on over my face throughout the day to make sure I stay burn-free. And when it runs out, you can buy refills for the powder so that you don’t need to get a whole new brush.
Lily has recently decided that she’s afraid of thunder, of storms, of fireworks… anything that makes a loud noise. This isn’t a total fix, but it does seem to help some in calming her down.
I finally got a Switch!! I have wanted one since March – I’m not normally a “gamer,” but there was just something about the pandemic that made me decided that I HAD to have one. And so of course… they’ve basically been completely sold out since then. But my sister set an alert online for availability, and we were able to place an order very, very quickly earlier this week!
Last, but definitely not least – what good is a Switch without Animal Crossing?! This is basically the whole reason I wanted the Switch, and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s such a fun distraction!

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