Updated No-Makeup Makeup Routine

I have gotten much more relaxed about my daily makeup routine now that I’m at home all day. I never really wore that much makeup to begin with, but since I’m only seeing my family in person and other people through a tiny computer screen, it feels good to be more laid-back. Some days I won’t put on anything past moisturizer, but there are some days where I want to look just a little more pulled-together.
So I’ve come up with a very simple, straightforward makeup routine for my days at home. It’s been feeling so nice to be so low key!
I used to use First Aid Beauty’s Skin Tint, but when I went to order more about a month ago, I found out that they had discontinued it! So I did some research, and some testing, and ended up with a different First Aid Beauty product – their weightless mineral SPF. It is tinted, but basically just enough to offset the white cast it would leave on your skin from the mineral SPF. I wish it came in more color options – the tint luckily works for me, but it would not work for everyone. I have incredibly oily skin, so I use this in place of moisturizer. If you have drier skin, their tinted moisturizer looks like it would be a great option!
(As a runner up – if I’m looking for something that gives just a tiny, tiny bit more coverage, but is still light, I’ve also been loving this waterweight “foundation” from MAC.)
I don’t really feel “done” without mascara – it’s probably the one thing I just can’t go without when I’m doing even minimal makeup. This is my favorite, and I’ve been wearing it for a few years now. It doesn’t smudge or flake, it’s easy to remove, and it makes my eyelashes look longer plus thicker.
I love these so much! They add just the tiniest bit of color, but they go on like a lip balm. You don’t need a mirror, you don’t need to worry about it smearing when you eat, and it’s so nice and moisturizing. I keep one by my desk at all times. I have it in Orgasm, Dolce Vita, and Turbo, and I may pick up another color or two soon…
This is my optional, extra step, because my eyebrows are decent enough on their own. But if I want to add a little something extra – maybe I have a Zoom meeting going on – I’ll add this. It’s easy and quick to put on because it’s a gel, but it also really does make your brows look more defined.

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