Perfect T-Shirt Dress

I’m constantly in search of the “perfect” version of my favorite items of clothing. Perfect t-shirt, perfect cashmere sweater, perfect sweaterdress. And since I’m working from home for the foreseeable future, my clothes have gotten a bit more relaxed – I’ve been living in different versions of comfy, easy summer dresses of all kinds. In my attempts to find things that fit the bill, I recently found what I think is the perfect t-shirt dress.
It’s gotten much hotter here now, but there were a few days earlier this month where it was in the 70s when I went outside to work in the mornings. Not cool by any means, but not hot, either – perfect t-shirt dress weather, and I didn’t really have one that I loved. After seeing about a hundred ads for Summersalt across all forms of social media, I decided that I was going to give them a shot. Technically, they are a swimsuit company, but they also make loungewear, pajamas, and dresses/cover-ups. I was sold when I read about their clothes having “moisture-wicking, sun protecting” properties. And I figured that any dress that doubled as a cover-up had to be comfortable.
I was right! This t-shirt dress is so incredibly comfy and yet still cute – which is basically the highest praise I give things these days. It doesn’t feel thin or flimsy like I would imagine a cover-up might – it’s even thicker than some of my Amazon dresses! But it also doesn’t feel heavy or hot when I’m wearing it. And it’s the perfect material – soft, and a bit stretchy. Because they (can) double as cover-ups, the dresses are not form-fitting at all. I ordered a tank top dress, too, but even the XS was just too wide/shapeless on me – I think their sizing runs a bit big. 
It’s been in the upper 80s or even 90s here recently, but I know that when it cools down just a bit I’ll be wearing this dress all the time.

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