A Natural Deodorant That Works

I’m usually what I like to think of as a “healthy skeptic” about natural products. I don’t necessarily think that non-“natural” products are harmful, and I know that there are chemicals in everything (and chemicals aren’t bad). However – I’ve always been intrigued about trying natural deodorant. I know that there isn’t definitive proof that the aluminum in deodorants is harmful for women, but it’s one of those things where if you can cut down or avoid its use, why not do it?
I’ve always been hesitant, though, because even though I’m not really physically active, I tend to sweat a lot. So I’ve always steered clear. The thing about natural deodorants vs. regular deodorant/antiperspirants is that natural deodorants don’t stop you from sweating like antiperspirants do (it’s the aluminum that stops sweat). But I figured that if there was ever a time to experiment with natural deodorants, this was it – I’m not coming into contact with anyone other than my family, and I’m home all the time.
So I went ahead and bought the Kosas Chemistry AHA Serum Deodorant – and I am SO impressed by how well it works!
I have sensitive skin, so I knew that I didn’t want a natural deodorant that didn’t have baking soda in it, because that can be irritating. I know a “serum” deodorant sounds kind of strange, but I was really impressed by the ingredient list – a blend of AHAs, aloe vera juice, and hylauronic acid. They offer both a scented and a scent-free one, and I went with the fragrance free. It goes on with a rollerball, and it dries pretty quickly – it only feels wet for about a minute or so. It feels nice and cooling as it goes on, too!
I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and honestly, I am still shocked at how well it works. I know that people say there’s sometimes an adjustment period when switching to a natural deodorant, but I didn’t find that to be the case. Not only has my skin not been irritated at all, but it has worked so well as a deodorant that I almost can’t believe it. Obviously, I can’t guarantee that it would work during a workout, but I have been sitting outside in the 90 degree heat and it’s held up incredibly well.
I’m really glad that I made the switch. I can’t say for sure what will happen when I’m out and about again – maybe there will be days where the natural deodorant doesn’t seem like enough. But for now at least, I’m happy to keep using this one.

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