Cozy in (more) Cashmere

 It was only a few years ago that I understood why everyone loved cashmere so much, and now I am basically fully obsessed. It’s so hard for me to resist when I see a cute cashmere sweater! They’re so soft and lightweight and warm and cozy all at the same time.


So of course, when I got an e-mail from Everlane about their new short-sleeved cashmere sweater, I knew that I had to get one. I’m already a big fan of their long-sleeved cashmere, so it was kind of a no-brainer for me. I love that Everlane’s sweaters typically fit me really well, their prices are reasonable, and the quality is really nice. Plus, I’m really trying hard to buy less clothes, but better quality ones – and I really appreciate Everlane’s commitment to transparency and ethical production. The clothes that I’ve bought from them in the past have held up really well over the years.

The cashmere tee is no exception! The fit is perfect (I’m wearing the XXS), and I love the bright, bold color. It’s not quite as soft as the J. Crew one (in this post), but it’s a bit more substantial, so I know it’ll be great as the temperatures continue to dip. It’s absolutely still comfortable, and doesn’t look slouchy but isn’t too fitted, either. It’s just as perfect for working (whether at home or in the office) as it is lounging on the weekend. 

Especially since I’m spending so much (well… all) of my time at home right now, it’s so important to me that I buy clothes that don’t just work in one specific setting, but rather things that I’ll get lots of wear out of. This cashmere tee totally fits the bill for me, and I think it would for you, too!

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