Love a Puff (Sleeve)

 I have been loving the recent puff-sleeve trend that seems to be everywhere. Growing up, the Anne of Green Gables books were my absolute favorite, and Anne talked a lot about her love of puffed sleeves. I guess it stuck with me more than I realized, and here I am today, wanting them all.

Puff sleeves seem to be the perfect mix of dressed up and casual – it looks cute, but I’m still incredibly comfortable. Because while there are definitely days where I throw on a t-shirt and call it a day, there are also days where I want to get just a little bit more dressed up. It helps things feel a little bit more normal, and I’ll take that any way I can get it.

This puff-sleeve top from J.Crew is one of my current favorites. It’s called “super cozy,” and it totally lives up to it’s name. It feels like I’m wearing a t-shirt, but is just a little bit more dressed up. I like that the puff sleeve is there, but really subtle. It’s a small detail that gives the top the little something extra that it needs! I love this blue color, but there are also more typically fall color options.

I love this top so much that my sister actually also bought the same one… and we don’t always share the same style. It’s that good! J.Crew has been having lots of sales and promotions lately, too. It’s on final sale right now, for a great price – get it while you still can!


For a sweater version of the puff-sleeve, I bought and love this one from Banana Republic. It is so fuzzy and soft it’s unbelievable – I am such a big texture person in sweaters (hence my obsession with cashmere), and this one passes the test. It’s soft rather than itchy, but still cozy and warm. I don’t have a lot of ivory/white sweaters, so this is a fun addition to my closet.

I’ve rounded up some other puff sleeve favorites, below. Are you as into this look as I am?

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