Show You Vote

I’ve loved all of the different things I’ve come across emblazoned with the reminder to “vote.” Obviously, voting is incredibly important – you can click here for a state-by-state list of voter registration deadlines and more information about how to register. I think it’s also more stylish than every to show that you plan to vote in November! So I pulled together my favorite things I’ve found to show how politically engaged you are.


ONE – Mustard Vote Tee
The reaction that I got to this t-shirt when I posted it a few weeks ago is actually what inspired me to do this post! I love how much you all loved the representation in the message.


TWO – Vote Mask
Of course – it wouldn’t be 2020 if there wasn’t a mask on the list! I love the simplicity of the design coupled with the power of the message – and I love that they’re doing it in suffragette white, too! 

THREE – Vote Necklace
I know that I’ve shared this before, but I had to include it again here. I love jewelry that sends a message, and this is the perfect message to send.

FOUR – Vote Tote
I have such a thing for tote bags – I can’t resist picking up a cute one when I see it. And this one is definitely a cute, fun one! It’s another collaboration with When We All Vote (like the necklace is, too), and I love how many companies are teaming up to spread the word to vote!

FIVE – Vote Crop
There’s nothing comfier than a crop top when you’re hanging out around the house – more fitting right now than ever!


SIX – Vote Earrings
This shop donates 75% of their profits back to their foundation which works to create better quality of life for people with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers, which I think is really amazing. They’re handmade in Virginia Beach, and such a fun accessory!

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