A Fall At Home

 I feel like I’ve written quite a few posts now about how much I’m dreading the change of seasons. The weather has been so beautiful lately, though, and the colors of the leaves changing have been so gorgeous that I’m really trying to embrace the season. I’ve been adjusting and adapting, and figuring out how to continue to enjoy my time at home and keep myself from feeling too cooped up.


For me, this means finding ways to keep spending some time outside, even if it’s not exactly how I did it during the summer! I have bad circulation, so I’m basically always cold – that means that I’ve really focused on ways to stay warm even when the temperatures drop. Here’s what I’ve done to adapt so far.

ONE – A Cozy Blanket
There is nothing I love more than being wrapped in a soft, fuzzy blanket. It just takes the chill away perfectly, and makes me feel so much warmer and cozier. I have a borderline blanket obsession, so I’ve tried lots of them, and my current favorite is my new ChappyWrap. It’s soft, but holds it’s shape surprisingly well. I can already tell I’m going to be using it all the time! Because I wanted to be able to use it on my lap while I’m in my chair, I got the “midi” size (one of the kids sizes). But for most people, the original size is probably the right choice.

TWO – A Heater
We have had an electric patio heater on our deck for a few years now, and it makes SUCH a difference in making me comfortable outside. It looks like it’s almost impossible to find one outside right now (not a sentence I ever would have thought I’d be writing!), but I found a few propane heaters online. This one is sold only in stores at Home Depot, so you have the check for your store’s availability, and this one is on Amazon.

THREE – A Fire Pit
Since it’s too cold for distanced outdoor movie nights, we’ve moved on to having (small) bonfires. We’re keeping it very, very small, because it’s hard to stay 6 feet apart around a fire without getting chilly! But this is a great way to safely gather with friends outdoors in the fall. I’m so glad to have a way to keep seeing people that don’t live with me even though it’s not summer anymore!

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