Friday Favorites

It’s been a really rainy, chilly, and gloomy this week, so I’ve been staying inside a lot more. I’ve been going out for a few minutes here and there when I can, but I’ve been really focusing on cozy sweaters and getting lost in a book in the evenings.

I think the weather plus the darkness at night coming earlier and earlier is just making me even more confused than I have been about time! While I’m still not sure how it’s already the end of October, it also feels like it should be November by now. It just feels more and more difficult to keep track of the days and months. I’ve been relying heavily on my Google calendar and making sure it’s up-to-date.

With all that being said… on to this week’s favorites.


ONE – Pretty Pointelle Sweater
I picked this up during J.Crew’s last sale – they’ve really been hitting it out of the park with their clothes lately! I love the color, I love how soft it is, and I love the details of the pointelle stitching and ruffles on the bottoms of the sleeve. And if you’re looking for something more neutral, there’s also a tan, black, and white version!

TWO – What the Constitution Means to Me
Since I’ve been spending more time inside, I’ve also been looking for good things to watch. Prime Video has a recorded version of the play What the Constitution Means to Me. It’s a really great play on it’s own, but my favorite part was the end, where the playwright has a quasi-improved debate with a high school/college student. It’s so impressive! This was a great interview with the two student debaters.


THREE – Accessible Frank Lloyd Wright Home
I may have shared this before, I can’t remember! But every time I read the story about how Frank Lloyd Wright designed a house for a man who started to use a wheelchair after a medical procedure gone awry, I get such chills. This quote really sums it all up (but you should still read the whole thing): “It was a very close collaboration between the Laurents and Wright, and that was very unusual for him. But Wright recognized that only Ken could tell him what his specific needs were before he could begin his design process to address them.”


FOUR – What AOC Does in a Day
I love this series, and AOC’s is especially great. The mix of personal + political is perfect, and I’m always curious about what exactly politicians do with their days, whether they’re at their home districts or in Washington. This is a nice little inside look.

FIVE – Everything in Michelle Obama’s Assistant’s Bag
I love a good “what’s in your bag,” and this one is definitely good. I aspire to be as prepared and organized as Chynna Clayton is! I can’t imagine how exciting and yet incredible stressful her job must be.


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