Friday Favorites

I know that I’ve mentioned (more than) a few times how sad I am for summer to go, but this was week was really beautiful. The weather was really nice, and the fall colors just seemed especially gorgeous. In a week where it feels like there’s a lot of chaos going on in the world, taking some time to be outside just made things feel a little more still. A friend and her son also stopped by for a socially distanced outdoor visit, and that little afternoon of semi-normalcy was also such a bright spot in the week. I’m focusing hard on all the little things that I’m grateful for right now!

Seriously – how beautiful are these colors?!

 And now, on to this week’s favorites.


ONE – Caring for Cashmere
If you’re anything like me, you’re reaching for your cashmere more and more frequently. This a great guide on how to wash, dry, and store your cashmere to help it last. Also – I just bought this detergent (“shampoo”) to use to wash my cashmere and wool.

TWO – Preparing for a Pandemic Winter
I love this post about what you should do NOW to make your future pandemic winter more bearable. Definitely recommend getting a flu shot! And I’ve been doing exactly what the article recommends – figuring out now what I’ll be wanting come December, and making sure I’m prepped.

THREE – Song Association
I always love Elle’s Song Association videos – it’s so fun to hear what songs pop into different people’s minds when they hear a certain word. It’s great to see that Lily Collins and Ashley Park get along in real life just like they do on Emily in Paris!


FOUR – Ina Garten in Quarantine
I haven’t been as into cooking in quarantine, but I have been experimenting with some new recipes, and they’re often Ina Garten ones! I loved this interview with her. I don’t buy a lot of cookbooks, but I’m really tempted to buy her new one.

FIVE – A Q&A… with Me!
The Carnegie Magazine did a short little Q&A with me about my advocacy and my time on the Board of The Warhol. I had a great time chatting with the interviewer, and it made me so excited to go back to the museums when it’s safe for me to do so!

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