Embracing Hygge in 2020

Earlier this month (on Carly’s suggestion) I read The Little Book of Hygge. I actually really enjoyed it, and I think that the hygge fad came before it’s time – really, this is the year that embracing hygge is the way to go!

There isn’t an exact translation for hygge, but as I understand, it’s a combination of coziness and hominess, of feeling warmth and contentedness. It’s about your surroundings, but also the people you surround yourself with – it’s a feeling more than a tangible thing. But, of course, there are things you can do to make your life more hygge-like! And as we all face the prospect of spending a lot more time in our homes as we head into the winter months, I really think it’s important to try to focus on being as hygge as possible.

In case you’re like me, and want to make your life as hygge-like as possible right now, here’s what I’ve been doing to embrace the hygge.

(Socially Distanced) Fires with Friends
I think that a crackling fire, a warm mountain pie, and a relaxed conversation with friends has to be one of the most cozy things that I can do right now. Having the fire pit and being able to extend the time I can see friends outside, even if it’s just for a few more weeks, has been incredible for my mental health. It’s so relaxing, and I feel so contended at the end of the evening.

The Little Book of Hygge recommends candles all around to create that warm, flickering light that makes everything look and feel so nice and home-y. They actually say that scented candles aren’t used much, but I love catching a whiff of a perfectly-scented candle. I’m pretty picky about what scents I like and don’t like, and my absolute favorite is this one from Rewined.

Books and Blankets
If I’m looking for a solo hygge activity, my go-to is reading while I’m wrapped in a cozy blanket, warm cappuccino or hot cocoa in hand. It is the ultimate relaxing and comforting activity for me, and I can pass hours without realizing how much time has gone by. Right now, this blanket from Chappywrap is my favorite (it’s wheelchair lap sized!) and if you’re not a wheelchair user (and not a child!), their original size blankets are your best bet.

Cooking Cozy Meals
There’s something about the smell coming from the kitchen after you’ve been roasting dinner for an hour or two that’s just so satisfying and comforting! I bought this dutch oven a few months ago, and I’ve already used it so much. I’m really looking forward to using it all the time over the next few months – coq au vin is the next “classic” that I want to try!

Game Nights
Whether you’re playing at home with your family/roommates or virtually with your friends, just the act of spending time together and laughing at a game makes things feel much more cozy and joyful! The point of hygge is that it’s the little things, the small moments, that make you feel most at peace, and spending time with loved ones (however you can) goes a very long way towards that. I’ve been having Jackbox game nights with friends, and always end those nights feeling so happy!

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