Friday Favorites

Two posts in one day – who am I?! If you missed it earlier, I rounded up my favorites from today’s sales here, but I didn’t want to leave you without a Friday Favorites post – they’re some of my favorites to write.

I hope that you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving, regardless of how you celebrated. I also hope you’re able to take some time to yourself to relax this weekend – I know that I’ve been feeling pretty burnt out lately, and I’m prioritizing rest and time to decompress.


Now, on to the favorites!

Folklore on Disney+
This is the soothing release we needed this week. I listened to Folklore basically non-stop over the summer, and it is still constantly on repeat in my musical rotation. (I am not someone who gets bored listening to the same music over and over, much to the regret of the rest of my family!) It was so beautiful to be able to watch Taylor perform the songs “live,” and to hear a little bit of the behind-the-scenes of each song. I’m linking to the trailer, but highly recommend watching the whole thing on Disney+!

Disabled and Expendable?
Alice Wong is one of my disability activist idols. She wrote this back in April, near the “beginning” of the pandemic, but her words feel especially fitting as we see another wave of COVID cases crashing down on us. “Disabled people are not acceptable collateral damage in this pandemic” is a sentence I feel like shouting at people sometimes!

Are you okay?
Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex wrote this heart-wrenching essay about her miscarriage, and about the collective stress and pressure that we’re all dealing with right now. I think her reminder to ask people if they’re okay, so that we can begin to heal, is such a small yet important question to keep in mind.


Run on Hulu
If you’re active on the Internet at all, you may have seen a lot of chatter after the trailer came out for Sia’s new movie, Music – where the lead character is an autistic girl but is being played by a non-autistic actress. The horror/thriller Run on Hulu is the perfect antidote to that – an (incredible!!) movie with a disabled main character played by a disabled actress. Aside from the casting itself, the movie was EXCELLENT and everyone should watch!

Our Place Pan on Sale!
This didn’t make it into my Black Friday sales post, but this is a really great deal on the internet-famous pan! Using code SUPERSALE brings the total down to under $100, which is the cheapest that I’ve ever seen it.

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