My Christmas Wishlist

 I thought it would be fun to pull together my own Christmas wishlist for a post. I feel like I should preface this by saying that really, I don’t expect to get any of these! I love giving gifts, but when it comes to getting them, I’ve been told I’m not the easiest. I tend to buy myself things that I want when I see them, and I also tend to have fairly… specific tastes. Other people might call me picky! I prefer decisive. So this is just a fun list I’ve put together to share, with absolutely zero expectations attached.

Fancy Espresso Machine
I really do love my Nespresso, but this espresso machine is on my dream gift wish list. It uses real beans (rather than pods), but still has automatic steaming to make my daily cappuccinos. It’s super expensive, I realize, and I don’t need it, but it’s something that I’d love to have!

Dyson Airwrap
This is another gift in the “want, but do not need” category. Since I already have a Dyson blow dryer, I can’t justify this, but if I could it would definitely top my list! I love that it has so many different attachments that it can basically do everything  – it dries, it curls, it has a straightening brush. I’d never need another hair tool again.

Clutch Pouch
I actually shared this in my Small Business Gift Guide, but it’s on my personal Christmas wishlist too! I love that it’s a piece of an actual Broadway show, of course, and I also just think it’s so chic.

Adaptive UGGs
These just make me so happy! I remember wanting a pair of UGGs so badly when I was in middle school. I love that they’re now making pairs that I’d be able to wear – they zip up both sides so they’re easy to get on and off – and even though I’m 32 and definitely not in middle school anymore, I still want a pair. I can actually fit in the kids size, but they make an adult version too.

Lake Pajamas
I’ve always loved a good pair of pajamas, but I’ve definitely spent more time in them this year than ever before. I’ve heard so many great things about how comfortable these pajamas are that I really want to try them out for myself!

iPad Magic Keyboard
I upgraded my iPad + Apple Pencil earlier this year, and this keyboard will complete the set. I’ve had iPad keyboards before, but none of the other ones I’ve used have the trackpad built in. It’s genius!

Peaceful Resistance Charm
I love this charm from Catbird, and if I buy myself a gift this year off this list, this will probably be what I buy. I love the symbolism behind it – a peaceful girl with her fist raised in resistance. It seems really fitting for this year.

Silver Quilted Crossbody
Okay, honestly… I think that I like this so much because it reminds me of Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century. I cannot resist a silver bag, and I love everything about this one. I guess there’s also a decent chance this one end up being mine, too.

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