Shopping the Sephora Holiday Sale

First, before we get into today’s post – if you haven’t yet, make sure you VOTE!

Today, the Sephora Holiday sale opens for VIB members – you get 15% off to use as many times as you want between now and when the sale ends on 11/9. If you don’t have VIB status, it’ll open to all Insiders (free to join!) on Thursday and you’ll get 10% off through the end of the sale on 11/9. Make sure you use the code HOLIDAYFUN to get your discount!

Sephora really only has two big sales a year, and they don’t tend to offer many discounts otherwise. So now is a great time to stock up on your basics, or take advantage of the discount for any splurge items that you’ve had your eyes on!

I’m sharing a few different round-ups below… some of my favorite products that I use every day, some that would make great gifts, and some that are splurge-worthy

OUAI Shampoo + OUAI Conditioner
I’ve been using these for almost a year now, and I’m really loving them. I use the “medium hair” version – I didn’t want something that would be too heavy, so that it wouldn’t weigh down my hair. My hair always feels so soft and silky after I use them, and it seems to really help get rid of knots.

Face Wash
I love this gel-based face wash from Drunk Elephant! My face feels cleansed but not stripped after I use it, and it gets rid of any traces of makeup left on my face. Since I have super oily skin, I tend to use a lightweight face wash that won’t break me out or be too thick, and this is perfect.

Evening Moisturizer
Another Drunk Elephant favorite! Again, this is almost gel-based, so if you’re looking for really heavy moisture, this is not the way to go. But if you have oily and/or acne-prone skin, this is excellent. It adds just enough moisture to my face without making it slick and shiny, and it layers really well with my other products.

AHA+BHA Exfoliant
I love that this exfoliating serum has both AHA and BHA, so it can work on the surface of the skin and below it, too. It smooths over my skin really easily, and it’s effective, but gentle enough that it rcan be used every night. 

Serum Deodorant
I wrote a whole post (here) about how much I love this deodorant! It’s a natural, serum deodorant that applies like a roll-on. I was skeptical about any and all natural deodorant, but this one WORKS, and doesn’t irritate my skin at all.

This is another product that I have a dedicated post on (here), and another product that just WORKS. It’s a lash growth serum that you just apply in a thin line onto your eyelid at night, and after a few weeks you’ll find yourself with noticeably longer lashes. It’s a great alternative to lash extensions or false lashes.

Body Wash
It feels a little bit lavish to buy a body wash from Sephora, but I love how soft and smooth my skin feels after this. It’s just the right amount of moisturizing for me without leaving my skin feeling like there’s a film on it.

Favorite Mascara
I know some people think that mascaras are interchangeable, but its one of the parts of my make-up routine that I’m most particular about! This one both lengthens and thickens, and it doesn’t flake or clump easily. 

Brow Gel
This is such a great eyebrow gel – it doesn’t smudge or transfer, and it gives just the right amount of definition and shape without being over-the-top. I also love that it’s so incredibly simple to apply!

Super Lightweight Foundation
(You can read more here.) This is so sheer that it’s more like a tinted moisturizer than a foundation. If you have oily skin, I think this is the best lightweight and oil-controlling foundations out there. I just put it on with my fingers and go!

Hand+Nail Cream
I think that we could all use extra lotion right now for dry hands. These are rich creams and the perfect pocket and gift size!

Pillow Talk Lip Set
I have the Pillow Talk lipstick and lip liner and love them both. They’re the perfect natural, subtle shade, and the staying power is really great. Anyone would be lucky to be gifted this set!

Drybar Dry Shampoo Set
The Drybar dry shampoos are some of my favorites! This is a great set of mini sized bottles, with a variety of different scents to sample. Almost as good as how your hair smells post-blowout!

Drunk Elephant Hair+Body Set
This is an amazing set of mini sized versions of all of Drunk Elephant’s hair and body products. I haven’t tried their shampoo or conditioner, but every product that I have tried has been great. Plus it comes with a few extras too!

Afterglow Lip Balm Set
I love these lip balms – they’re the perfect sheer wash of color plus moisture. They make a super cute gift – the colors are so subtle that they’d work on any skin tone.

Gua Sha Tool
We could all use a little more self care this year, and this gua sha tool is a great little way to give that gift! You could even throw in a serum like this one for ultimate relaxation. It would be the cutest little stocking stuffer.

Sheet Mask Set
This is another perfect stocking stuffer, self care type of gift! It has 6 different sheet masks (all “clean”) for all of your skin concerns.

Brush Crush Straightening Brush
I have – and love – this straightening brush, and I think it’s completely worth the investment. It doesn’t give you stick-straight hair like a straightener does, but instead gives straight hair with body. It really gets rid of crimps or waves in your hair pretty easily and quickly!

Silk Pillowcase
Silk pillowcases are supposed to be the best for your skin and hair – they don’t crease or wrinkle or crimp it. Sure, it’s a little luxe, but if you’re looking to treat yourself, this is a great option.

Dyson Airwrap
This is on my wish list!! It’s an amazing styling product from Dyson that can curl your hair only with air. It also has so many different attachments – a dryer, a brush, and the curling wand. It’s the all-in-one hair tool!

Dyson Hair Dryer
If you’re not up for the investment of the Airwrap, the Dyson hair dryer is another great option. I have mine and love it so much – it makes my hair look and feel so smooth after I use it. I know it’s not cheap, but I don’t regret it.

Eye Shadow Palette
I think Pat McGrath’s eye shadows are some of the very best. They have great pigment, and they blend so, so easily. I have a mini palette that I use and love. This palette has a great mix of metallic and matte, and has some fun colors plus some more neutral ones.

Luna Facial Cleanser
I’ve been using one version or another of a Luna for the past few years now, and it’s really helped to clear up my face. It just really does a deep clean on my face, and gets everything out of my pores. But it’s not too harsh – I use it every time I wash my face and it never irritates it. It’s probably my favorite item out of everything in this post.

Ultrasonic Pore Extractor
If you’re someone who usually gets facials, this looks like a great product to recreate the facial experience at your own home. This device has dual purposes – it helps to extract things from your pores, and also can help “push” the serum in deeper, too.

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  1. Julia

    I love looking at the Sephora sales posts, even though I can't really buy anything as I'm not from the US and the shipping would cost me so much haha! It's still great for me to know what's in there right now. Good idea to get gift sets right now, it's a good time to start buying Christmas presents! 🙂

    Julia x
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  2. The Heather Report

    Ahh, what a bummer! But yes – it's good to browse and get some ideas! I think a lot of people are doing Christmas shopping earlier this year, so definitely take advantage and get started! 🙂

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