Friday Favorites

 Just a little note before I get started – this will be my last post before Christmas! I’m going to take next week off from writing posts to give myself a little bit of a break. But I’ll be back on the 28th with a new post. I hope that you all enjoy your holidays and get to take a little bit of a “reset,” too!

We had another BIG snow this week – we got almost 10 inches! It was really pretty (and I got some great pictures, ha!). I definitely can enjoy the snow a lot more when I don’t have to go outside in it.


Now, on to this week’s favorites!

COVID and the Holidays
This is a great article about how people are dealing with the holidays this year amidst COVID. I know this can be a stressful and fraught decision – even knowing that other people are struggling with the same thing can be helpful.

Gold Rush by Taylor Swift
It feels like such a gift that we’ve gotten not one, but two new Taylor Swift albums this year! I think that Gold Rush is my favorite song off her new album (although each time I pick a favorite, I think of another song that I love too!).

Milk Bar Pie
If you’re looking for a holiday dessert this year, I highly, HIGHLY recommend this pie from Milk Bar! I ordered it for Thanksgiving and it’s just such a deliciously fun treat.

First COVID Vaccines in Pittsburgh
Seeing the COVID vaccine roll out and people getting it is really making me feel hopeful. I’ve been trying to keep my expectations low so I’m not disappointed, but this does feel like a glimmer of hope and good news. Fingers crossed that things keep looking up in 2021.

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