Gift Guide: For Men & Kids

 My gift guides are winding down for the year – after today’s post, I just have one more scheduled. They end up being a lot of fun to write – I get to “shop” but don’t have to spend any money!

Today, I’m bringing you two different gift guides – one for men, and one for (young) kids. I don’t claim to be an expert in either, but I think I’ve rounded up some great options nonetheless. Up first is the guide for the guys.


Whiskey Stones
These work like ice cubes, but unlike ice cubes, they don’t melt and dilute whatever you’re drinking. They’re perfect for the whiskey (or scotch, or vodka, or gin, or whatever liquor) drinker in your life!


Grilling Spices
I don’t know about the men in your life, but my dad absolutely loves to grill whenever it’s nice outside. This is a great gift box set of of different blends of grilling spices.


Hot Sauce Subscription Box
I’m such a fan of the YouTube interview show “Hot Ones,” where they interview people while they complete a hot wings challenge. Now they’ve created a hot sauce subscription box, which is so fun! I think it makes a great gift because it lets people try something they wouldn’t otherwise have known of.


Ember Mug
I have an Ember mug myself – it keeps your coffee/tea at whatever temperature you want! Now that we’re all drinking more at-home coffee than ever, this is a great way to elevate that experience.

Bow Tie
I’ve shared Knotzland masks before, but their signature pieces are really their bow ties. They’re completely sustainable – made all out of scrap fabric – and SO chic. If you have a bow tie wearer in your life, they absolutely need one from Knotzland!

Beer Chilling Coasters
Another alcohol related gift – I don’t know why they scream “guys gift” to me, but they do! These are coasters that you can chill in the refrigerator/freezer so that you can keep your beer (or your pop!) chilled while you drink it.

Beard Grooming Kit
Maybe the guy(s) in your life are growing a beard right now – if they are, this is a great all-in-one beard grooming kit. I will not claim to know much (anything) about beards, but I do know that Jack Black puts out great beard grooming products.

Quick note – these are mostly for younger children, because that’s where I have the most shopping experience.

Felicity Mini Doll
I had and loved my Felicity doll growing up! She’s since been “retired,” and I know that a doll is a big purchase! But a mini doll is a great introduction to the American Girl world and the stories behind each of the dolls.

Bathtub Crayons
These come highly recommended by my friend with a two-year-old! She says they’re super fun for bathtime and make the whole tub your canvas. They come off easily, and if anything does stick around, a Magic Eraser does the trick.

Construction Toy Set
I am by no means a construction expert, but this toy set has a great variety of lots of different construction vehicles. They’re all made of wood and child-safe paint, which is a major plus.

Blippi Toy
Okay – I will not even pretend to understand Blippi as a thing, but I know that my friend and her son watch Blippi videos all the time, and her son got lots of Blippi-related toys for his birthday. So if you have a young kid in your life, chances are they know Blippi.

Tiger Stuffed Animal
Every kid needs a giant stuffed animal in their lives! I don’t have much more to add about this one, except that it’s such a fun toy to give as a gift and a guaranteed hit.

Kids ChappyWrap
There will come a day when I stop posting about the ChappyWrap, but today is not that day. I have and use the kids version of the blanket myself, and can personally vouch for it!

A is for Awesome
I am a huge fan of gifting books – I truly believe that you can never have too many. This book is extra-special because you can get it personalized, and the author will sign it and write a nice little message. I gifted so many of Eva Chen’s books last year, and they were all a hit.

Window Markers and Stencil
Much like the bathtub crayons, these markers make any window or glass door into a canvas! The markers are easy to clean off, and this set comes with some stencils for those of us less artistically inclined.

Where the Sidewalk Ends
Last, but definitely not least – Shel Silverstein was (and is) one of my favorite authors. I read and re-read his books of poetry so many times growing up, but I feel like they’ve kind of gone “out of style” now. I think they make the perfect addition to any kid’s book collection.

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