Giving Tuesday

 I know that I’ve been posting a lot about gift guides and shopping and things to buy on here lately, so I wanted to make sure that I also highlight the importance of giving.

Today is Giving Tuesday, and I think that so many places are in need of donations more this year than ever. I’m mentioning a few organizations below that I think are excellent places to donate to, but I also encourage you to find organizations in your own cities or your own areas of passion to give to.

Cure SMA
Starting off with an obvious one – Cure SMA! They have given the seed funding to a lot of the current SMA treatments that are now FDA-approved, which is incredible. They also have a number of programs that support families, kids, and adults with SMA.

412 Food Rescue
This is a local Pittsburgh organization, but it’s now spread to a few other cities too. They “rescue” food from grocery stores, wholesalers, caterers, etc. that would otherwise be going to waste and connect it with nonprofits that help people experiencing food insecurity. These “rescues” are all done by volunteer drivers, so if you can’t donate money, consider donating your time to drive for a rescue or two!

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
The arts have been deeply impacted by the pandemic, since they’re currently unable to put on any live, in-person shows. If you are at all interested in the arts, or going to shows/concerts in the future, it’s really important to donate now so that they’re able to put shows on when it’s safe again.

Women and Girls Foundation
The Women and Girls foundation is a Pittsburgh-based group that works to achieve equality for women and girls through programming and policy. I’ve worked with them a bit to advocate for getting the Family Care Act passed here in Pennsylvania – they’re doing really important work!

CLASS is a service provider and advocacy organization for people with disabilities here in Pittsburgh, and I serve on their Board. The pandemic has been especially hard on people with disabilities, and CLASS could really use your support so that they’re able to continue to provide quality services.

Steel Smiling
This is another local Pittsburgh organization – it helps connect Black people to mental health support and resources. In addition to their general advocacy and education work, they also provide one-time emergency financial support for mental health medication, therapy, drug and alcohol treatment, and more. The pandemic has really shone a light on the importance of mental health, and also the disparities that exist.

Persad Center
The Persad Center provides outreach, prevention, counseling and training to support the LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS communities in Western PA. They’re actually the second-oldest licensed counseling center specifically serving the LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS communities, and have been operating since 1972!

The Warhol
Another cultural institution that needs extra support right now – museums have also been affected greatly by the pandemic. I’m on the Board of The Warhol, and love the programming that they provide for the community and how inclusive they are in everything that they do.

Accessible YOUniverse
And last, but not least, I have to at least mention my own organization! The pandemic kind of altered the plans I had for 2020, but I do have some things in mind that I’m planning for early 2021! Your support is so, so appreciated.

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