Cozy for Christmas

 There’s a good chance that year on Christmas, I’ll be spending the entire day in pajamas. I really kind of love the idea of laid-back holidays. Since I’m living with my parents and sister, I’m not all alone – so while I do miss seeing my aunts, uncles, and cousins, it is nice to have the chance to have a stress-free holiday.

So of course, I had to find just the right pair of Christmas pajamas. I’m kind of picky when it comes to PJs – the most important thing to me is comfort. They absolutely have to be soft and cozy; I refuse to wear anything that is itchy or scratchy or stiff. I also prefer t-shirt/over-the-head style tops to button-down ones, because of my super-narrow shoulders. And since it’s Christmas, I wanted them to be fun and special!


When I was browsing Aerie and came across these pajamas, I knew right away that these HAD to be my Christmas pajamas. I always love Aerie in general – they have a huge presence here in Pittsburgh, and they’ve done an absolutely incredible job including models with disabilities of all types in all of their campaigns. Plus, all of the pajamas and loungewear that I’ve bought from them has always been extremely comfortable.


This pair is no exception! The pattern is cute and fun at the same time (they call them “quirky,” and I guess they’re not wrong) – tigers and Santa hats is a combination I never would have thought of, but I love it. (I know the tiger pattern has limited sizes available online, but the equally cute penguins and bears have most sizes available still.) And the comfort level is absolutely perfect! They’re not too heavy – I hate pajamas that are too thick and bulky – and they’re so, so soft and cozy. They will be perfect for opening presents, watching movies, and drinking hot chocolate on Christmas day. I can’t say that it’s the Christmas outfit that I thought I’d be buying for 2020, but I’m not upset about it, either.

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