Cozy Winter Habits

Being at home so much more this winter has really made me spend time developing some habits that make my days and nights much more cozy and enjoyable. I was finding the early darkness really hard to deal with this year, more than any other year before, so I’ve tried to come up with a few little rituals throughout the day to make me appreciate the warmth and coziness of being inside, rather than dwelling on the dark and cold. It’s actually helped, so I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been doing.

Reading by the Fire
I don’t have a full-blown, wood burning fireplace (well, technically we do, but it’s not accessible/usable), but we do have a standalone gas fireplace. I actually use it much of the year because I’m always cold, but there’s something extra cozy about it when it’s cold and dark out. It just sets the atmosphere!

Green Tea before Bed
This is new to me, but it’s something I’ve been super into. I love a hot coffee in the winter (I mean… I love it year round, clearly), but I do try to avoid that much caffeine at 10 or 11 pm. I got me and my sister Advent calendars from Palais de Thes, and had the chance to try out some teas that I normally wouldn’t pick. I fell in love with this green tea – it actually is mixed with roasted rice, and I put honey in it, too, which makes it taste better to me than “plain” green tea.

It’s become my new favorite thing to drink each night as I’m getting ready for bed – it’s a new part of my bedtime ritual (see this post for more about that). It’s so nice and warm, and it just soothes me as I’m getting ready for bed. Because it’s sort of earthy tasting, too, it goes well with my CBD that I take before bed, too (read more about my experience using CBD here).

Lighting a Candle
When I read The Little Book of Hygge, there was a lot about how the flickering light from a candle adds to a hygge-like atmosphere. They actually tend to use a lot of unscented candles, but I generally stuck to my few favorite scents. I love this Rose candle from Rewined, and recently tried their French 75 candle and liked it as well! And this Holiday candle from Nest is really more of a winter smell in general than holiday specific.

Wrapping Up in a Blanket
Truly, there is nothing I love more than being wrapped up in a warm, cozy blanket. It’s just the absolute best feeling! I really hate being cold, ha. I love using my ChappyWrap, but it looks like they’re currently mostly out-of-stock. This fleece/sweater throw from L.L. Bean also looks comfy, and I have a version of this faux fur throw and it’s SO soft.

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