Friday Favorites

What a week! I’m going to have another post next week that goes a little more in-depth about how I’m feeling, but everything on Wednesday really did feel like a sigh of relief. I know that a new administration doesn’t instantly fix everything, but at least it feels like there’s hope, you know?

I also have felt a little bit more like my normal self this week – less burnt out and more motivated. Whether or not this feeling will stay, who knows? But it’s a nice feeling and I’ll enjoy it for however long it lasts.

Now – on to the favorites!

Amanda Gorman’s Inauguration Poem
Hands down, Amanda Gorman’s reading of her poem was my absolute favorite part of the Inauguration ceremonies. Her poem – and her delivery of it – was so moving and powerful. I kept getting more chills with each new line! I am now an Amanda Gorman stan, and will be buying myself her book of poetry and will be buying her children’s book for all my friends with kids.

Classic Pearl Studs
When I was getting dressed on Inauguration Day and wore pearls in honor of Kamala Harris, I realized that I didn’t actually own any pearl earrings – I had to borrow a pair from my mom! I love how classic and dainty these pearl studs from Catbird are.

Meena Harris How I Get It Done
I love reading this series, and is there any more appropriate week to read one from Meena Harris! Every time I read one of these, I’m both inspired and exhausted – this was no exception.

Olivia Rodrigo’s Drivers License
When I haven’t been re-listening to Amanda Gorman’s poem this week, I’ve been listening to this song from one of the stars of High School Musical The Musical: The Series. She is so talented and this song is so catchy!

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