My ChappyWrap Review

I think I’ve mentioned my ChappyWrap in a few other posts before, but I haven’t really done a full explanation/review yet. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve seen so many, many ads for this blanket all over the Internet. If you’ve ever wondered if they really live up to the hype, I’m here to tell you… they do.

Before I actually get into the blanket review itself, I want to talk a little bit about ChappyWrap the company. I love that they’re a mother-daughter owned brand, and that one of them is a speech-language pathologist (they shared my photo here on their Instagram for Disability Awareness Month). When I can, I try to support small, female-owned companies like this one. You can read more about their story here – it’s so cute how the blankets came to be!

Now – onto the blankets themselves. I have two of them – a midi (I have this one), and an original size. I’ve mentioned this before, I think – the midi one is technically for kids, but it’s also great as a wheelchair lap blanket! The original sized one is larger, and I use it on my bed and sleep with it every night. It’s also perfect as a throw blanket for naps or movie watching on the couch. I am really, really particular about blanket texture. I need it to be something soft, and definitely not rough or scratchy or uncomfortable in any way. I also need for it to not be too heavy, because my arms are pretty weak and I start to feel claustrophobic if I can’t move them easily. My ChappyWraps fit all of my criteria perfectly. They’re so soft – they’re a different texture than a traditional fleece blanket, but still perfectly soft and cozy. I actually DMed a few people to ask about the texture before I bought one, and I’m happy to confirm what everyone told me, that they really are soft and so comfortable. And they’re machine-washable and don’t lose any of their softness afterwards.

The best thing is that they’re warm, but not too hot. Because I can’t really move around as I sleep, my memory foam mattress topper tends to trap my heat in and sometimes I can get uncomfortably hot. I don’t know how or why, but I’m been so much more comfortable overnight when I sleep with my ChappyWrap! It’s just somehow the perfect temperature, and is warm without being too heavy or hot.

Basically, the blankets have been making my winter so much cozier. They’re pricey, but if it’s something you can afford, it’s totally worth it.

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