Galentine’s Day Gifts

I’m not really a Valentine’s Day person typically, but I think that this is the year to celebrate each and every little thing that we can. I don’t have a valentine, but I am all about celebrating my friends for Galentine’s Day.

Gift giving really is my “love language” – I love buying little gifts for friends to let them know that I’m thinking of them. Since I haven’t been able to get together with friends for a few months now, sending them a little Galentine’s Day gift to let them know that I’m thinking about and appreciate them sounds just right. I rounded up some of my favorite gift ideas below.

Leslie Knope Card
Of course, I had to include a Leslie Knope/Parks and Rec-inspired card in this list – I think it’s the inspiration behind celebrating Galentine’s Day! This is so cute and I love her strange compliment as a quote on the card.

Self Care Candle
I’ve been very into candles this year – there’s something so soothing about having a candle flickering on a dark, cold night. This one is from a local business, and what better gift can you give than reminding someone to take some time for self-care?!

Handmade Wire Bookmark
My friend Julie makes these wire bookmarks (among other things), and I just think they’re so cute and unique. And she even personalizes them, too – so you could get each friend one with their name on it, or an inside joke/phrase.

Sugarfina Candy
I really love Sugarfina candy – I think it’s the perfect combination of delicious and cute. You could either gift one very lucky friend all four boxes of candy, or split them between four friends… or keep one or two for yourself!

Heart Shaped Tea
I’m very much a coffee person, but have been reaching for tea when it’s too late at night for the jolt of caffeine from coffee but I still want to sip on something warm. These are heart shaped tea bags which makes them even better!

Homesick Candle
Clearly, I’m very into candles, since this is the second on my list. This is fun because the company, Homesick, makes different scents for different cities and states! I think it makes such a fun gift.

Equilibria Roll On
I’m such an Equilibria fan – I don’t know that I’d give their CBD drops as a gift (just because it’s so personal), but I think their roll-ons would make a great gift. There’s something so soothing about grounding yourself with the ritual of rolling on a scent/oil, and it’s something we don’t often to think to buy for ourselves.
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Macaron Box
There is never a wrong time to gift macarons, in my opinion. These are my favorite macarons in Pittsburgh, and they ship nationwide! This is definitely a gift where I’d buy one for a friend and one for myself. You have to celebrate, too!

Best Friends Print
I’m such a fan of personalized gifts, and so this print from Etsy is so cool to me. The shop owner will personalize the best friend print so it matches in terms of number of friends, hair style/color, and even what each person is holding in their hands. SO CUTE.

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