Life Lately

I can’t believe that it’s already time to write another of these posts! When I decided to write them every month, I felt like there would be so much that would happen in between posts… and now it feels like it was just last week that I was writing the first.

I think the biggest update is that I’m slowly starting to feel like I’m not hitting the pandemic wall quite as hard. It’s a little bit easier to be motivated, and things are feeling quite as overwhelming all of the time. I think that a large part of this is due to the fact that I’m getting my second dose of the vaccine tomorrow! While this doesn’t mean that I’m going to start living recklessly, I’m really excited to not have to worry and stress about every single interaction with other people. I’m also excited to be able to get a haircut!

Today is actually my mom’s birthday – happy birthday, Mom! Last year, we went to brunch at the Carnegie Museum cafe and them roamed the museum – they had an incredible National Geographic photography exhibit! It’s strange to think that it’s been a year since that – this year’s celebration will definitely be different (but will involve a Milkbar cake, so that’s a definite plus). I do think, though, that in the “after times” we’ll all be excited to have a few belated celebrations in the world beyond our homes.

I also had an accessibility win this week! Since I’ve been working from the downstairs room in our house that I’ve turned into my “office” (which just means that I bought a desk and called it a day), I’ve needed to get help from one of my parents each time I needed my lunch and/or coffee heated. To make things easier, we decided to get a microwave down here. Typically, I do a lot of research to make sure it’s one that I can open and use by myself with my limited strength, but since I knew there’d be people around I wasn’t too concerned. Well, I really lucked out and ended up chancing on this one that is actually super easy for me to use (and as an added bonus, it works with Alexa too). Nothing life-shattering, but I’ll take all the small accessibility wins that I can get.

I think that’s about it for this month. Looking forward to next month’s update, when it’s hopefully warmer than 20 degrees and I’m able to feel fresh air again… and maybe I’ll have even ventured out into the world a bit! Who know?!

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