My Favorite Candles

Sometime over the last 10 or so months, I became a candle person. I’ve never hated candles, but never really particularly cared about them, either. I’m pretty sensitive to scents, and a lot of candles immediately overwhelm me and give me a really bad headache. So I figured candles just weren’t for me.

But over the last few months, I’ve been really trying to feel as cozy and home-y as possible, to counteract the feelings of being trapped and stuck. Lighting a candle and having that flickering flame has been a nice little “ritual” to help make my surroundings feel a little more special. I realized that I am a candle person, I’m just really picky about the scents of the candles I burn! In case you’re like me (or you’re just looking for some new candle recommendations), I thought that I’d share my favorites.

My love of Knotzland is well documented, so when I saw that they were adding candles to their shop, I was so excited. When I saw that one of the candles was cashmere scented?! Even better. It’s a light, sweet, clean scent, and is really nice. The candle actually comes with a lid, which I think is a nice bonus, and if you’re local they’ll give you a discount if you bring back the container once the candle has burned through. I think they’re sold out now, but I have it on good authority that more are on their way!

For me, this is the candle that started it all – I smelled it randomly in a West Elm years ago and realized that maybe there were some candle scents I liked. It’s the Rose scent that is my favorite, and I’m bad at describing it other than to say that it’s slightly sweet and just perfect. It’s definitely strong, so I don’t use it in a small room, but it’s great in larger spaces. I’ve shared this with a few friends and they all love it too!

So this was a pandemic splurge, but I definitely don’t regret it. I have been seeing and readign about Diptyque candles forever, but never felt like I appreciated candles enough to spend the money on this. Since I’m home all the time now, though, I figured now or never, and wow, was it the right choice. I went with the mini size, which was actually bigger than I thought that it would be, and the jasmine scent. It smells unbelievably good – floral, but not too perfume-y, and just really natural and rich and not artificial at all. Now I really want to try all of their scents!

I’m looking to keep adding to my candle collection, so please let me know your favorites!

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